My Review of Stem Enhance from StemTech Health Sciences


My name is Mitch Fields and I am the owner of a small family run nutrition business. Last March (2007) I got a call from a friend about Stem Enhance. He told me of some amazing health benefits his friend was getting from this new stem cell enhancing product. I asked him if it was MLM, and when he said it was, I told him I wasn’t interested. Then I got a call from another friend with another story and another. Finally, after 4 of these calls and one from one of my customers I researched it further and decided to put it in my retail store, and see what happens.

So now we’ve been selling Stem Enhance since April ’07 and I’ve gone from a skeptic to a believer. Last month –Feb ’08– we retailed nearly 700 bottles and we’ve shipped it to at least 10 countries. One thing that really convinced me about how effective this product is (besides my personal experience which I’ll be writing about later) the large number of reorders we were getting. We have customers who have been ordering every month (or 3 bottles every 3 months) for almost a year straight. We also get many orders for 6,12 or even 20 plus bottles at a time from reordering customers. And this is only retail customers. On the MLM side we’ve done almost $300,000 in sales in the last 3 months. (Dec,Jan,Feb)

I have also spoken personally with many of these customers and gotten amazing feedback about the benefits and results people have been seeing. I would love to post these here, but there is a company policy against that as it could cause problems with government regulations on nutritional supplements.

Feel free to call me if you’d like to hear about our experience. I can be reached toll-free at 1.888.779.7177 or if you’re calling from outside the US or Canada, 916.987.4858.

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